Winph Casino Sic Bo: Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Winning

Winph Casino Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a thrilling dice game that brings excitement to the table. In Sic Bo, players roll three dice, aiming for combinations that determine their wins. It’s a game of chance in which chance has a big role. The anticipation builds as the dice tumble, and players eagerly await the outcome. The simplicity of Sic Bo lies in its straightforward rules, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Sic Bo offers a fun and suspenseful experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat with each dice roll. 

What is the Sic Bo Game?

What is the Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo is a casino game played on a table with dice. It’s a bit like Roulette, but three dice are used instead of a spinning wheel. The name Sic Bo means precious dice. To play and win, you shake the dice and try to guess the final numbers by placing bets on the table. Among the two dice games is Sic Bo in casinos, the other being craps. It’s quite popular in Asia and the UK. With online casinos becoming more popular, Sic Bo is expected to become even more well-liked in online gaming.

Sic Bo Gameplay

Sic Bo Gameplay

Playing Sic Bo is easy. You can learn it quickly. Here’s how it works:

  • Betting: At the beginning of each round, you place bets on a virtual Sic Bo table. There are different types of bets, so you can choose one that fits how you like to play. You can bet on specific numbers, combinations, totals, triples, doubles, big, small, and more.
  • Rolling Dice: Once bets are placed, it’s time to roll the virtual or real dice. Live Sic Bo games use real dice. The result is the combination of numbers shown on all three dice.
  • Determining Winners: The Sic Bo software automatically decides who wins. Each win gets a payout, and harder-to-achieve wins get bigger payouts.
  • Collecting Winnings: The software automatically spreads the winnings, including various multipliers and bonuses. Your exact payout depends on the payables and the type of bet you made.
  • Starting a New Round: A new round begins after winnings are given out. You can then place new bets or leave and find a new Sic Bo table. You can even repeat your previous bet with one click.

Popular Sic Bo Betting Options

Popular Sic Bo Betting Options

When you play Sic Bo, you can make different bets. Some common bets are Big and Small bets, Triple bets, and Combination bets. Each bet has its chances of winning and how much you can win.

Big and Small Bets

The big bet is when you guess. Three dice totaling between 11 and 17 will be used. A small bet is when you guess the total will be between 4 and 10. But you don’t win with Small or Big bets if all three dice show the same number. These bets are good for beginners because they have a 48.61% chance of winning. The casino takes a small part of the money you bet, but it’s only 2.78%.

Triple Bets

Triple bets are for players who want to take a big risk for a big win. You predict if a certain number will show on one, two, or all three dice. If the number appears on one die, you get your money back. If it’s on two dice, you get double your money. If it’s on all three dice, you get triple your money. Betting on a specific triple is very rare, but if you’re right, you win a lot—180 times your bet!

Combination Bets

Combination bets let you bet on pairs or groups of numbers on the dice. You can bet on two or three dice combinations, like a pair of numbers or the total of the dice. The more likely the combination, the less you win. But if you’re right, you get a good reward.

Mixing Combination bets with other common Sic Bo bets can help you make smart strategies and improve your chances of winning.

Advanced Sic Bo Betting Options

Advanced Sic Bo Betting Options

Some special bets can excite players who know Sic Bo well or want a new challenge. These bets might only be found at the best Sic Bo online casinos. They include odd and even bets, four-number combination bets, and specific double- and Single-number bets. Understanding and using these advanced options could improve your Sic Bo game and help you discover new strategies for winning.

Odd and Even Bets

  • Odd means betting that the total of the three dice will be an odd number.
  • Even means betting on the total being an even number.
  • If all three dice show the same number (a triple), the bet doesn’t win, regardless of whether the total is odd or even.
  • Although there’s more risk because triples don’t count, Odd and Even bets still have a good chance of winning. They are a good choice for players who want a more detailed betting strategy.

Four Number Combination

  • This bet is challenging. Players pick four specific numbers and bet on them.
  • The bet wins if all four chosen numbers appear on the three dice.
  • There is a 1 in 2 chance of winning this wager 70, so it’s a risky but rewarding choice for players who like adventure.
  • When betting on Four-Number Combinations, it’s important to bet small amounts and be responsible. These advanced bets can add variety to your Sic Bo strategy and lead to big wins.

Specific Double and single-number bets

  • These bets take Sic Bo to the next level. Players can bet on a specific pair of numbers (a Specific Double bet) or a single number (a Specific Single Number bet).
  • Knowing the Sic Bo rules can help players make smart decisions.
  • The payout for a Specific Double bet is usually 11:1, and for a Specific Single Number bet, it’s typically 1:1.
  • Players can create a personalized strategy by combining these bets with popular Sic Bo wagers.
  • Real money online casinos let you try these advanced options, providing a thrilling challenge for experienced players and adding a new dimension to the game.

Low-Risk Strategy for Beginner Players

Low-Risk Strategy for Beginner Players

Are you new to playing sic bo? We suggest starting with small bets until you become good at the game. There’s a simple sic bo strategy you can use. Just pick bets with the best chance of winning and the highest payouts.

The Small and Big bets give you almost the same chance of winning, and they pay well. You don’t need special skills for these bets; they’re easy to understand. Another option is the Combination bet, where you pick two specific numbers. This bet has a good chance of winning and a low house edge. Check the table below for more info on these low-risk bets.

Sic Bo BetOddsProbabilityPayoutHouse Edge

Look at the table to see our best bets that give you a good chance to win. To increase your chances, try a simple strategy called 1-3-2-4. It’s a popular system for dice bets with almost equal chances of winning.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start with a ten bet, then bet 30, followed by 20, and finally 40. If you win, move on to the next bet.
  2. If you lose, go back to the beginning. Once you win the first two bets, you’ll make a profit.
  3. Keep in mind that the goal of the 1-3-2-4 system is to protect you from big losses.

It won’t help you win more or cheat the game.

Other strategies like Paroli and 1-3-2-6 can give similar results in sic bo. But remember, sic bo is a game of luck, and no strategy can change the outcome. Still, using the right strategy could help you manage your losses and enjoy the game more.

Sic Bo Winning Strategy For Advanced Players

Sic Bo Winning Strategy For Advanced Players

After practicing a lot, experienced players can change their bets and try different strategies. If you want to win more, a good tactic is to bet on at least four numbers. Even if you lose those bets, the money you win later can compensate for it. But there’s a pattern to remember – the more a bet pays, the higher the risk of losing. So, think about which numbers to bet on.

Choose ones with better chances of winning. To help you decide, we made a table with all the important info about each bet – the chance of winning, the odds, how much you win, and the risk of losing. Once you know all this, we can suggest some bets to make you money.

Sic Bo BetOddsProbabilityPayoutHouse Edge
470/11.59%62:112.43 %

If you want a better chance of winning in sic bo, it’s important to know that your chances of winning are low if the payout is high. So, think about whether the Sic Bo system fits your budget. Choose your numbers carefully to avoid a high house edge.

Some players like a specific Sic bo system. For example, you could bet three money units on doubles 1, 5, and 6 and 2 units on 9. Another choice is to wager two money units on doubles 1, 2, and 6 and three money units on 12. If 9 or 12 wins, you get 24 units back. The same is true if your double bet is right.

But remember, the house always has an edge in sic bo, and you can’t control it. No matter your strategy, you might still lose sometimes. You can try different systems, but the outcome is unpredictable. Thus, only wager what you can afford to lose.

The Perfect Strategy for Expert Players

Pros who are good at this game can take bigger risks. If you have enough money, you can make multiple bets. Even though some of them might not have a great chance of winning, the total amount you can win could be enough to cover any losses and give you a good profit. But it’s important to choose wisely. Consider the chances of winning each bet and calculate if your chosen combination would make you money.

The Perfect Strategy for Expert Players

To help you decide, we have two systems that might work for you. The first strategy suggests putting three money units on eight and two on double 1, 2, and 3. Also, put two units on a combination of 2 and 3. If eight wins, you could get 27 units back; if a double bet wins, you could get 22 units; and if your Combination bet wins, you could get 12 units.

Another strategy is putting three money units on 12, two on double 4, 5, and 5, and two on a Combination bet of 4 and 5. Like the first one, if 13 wins, you could get 27 units; if any of your double bets win, you could get 22 units; and if your Combination bet is successful, you could get 12 units.

Remember, neither of these strategies guarantees you’ll win. Your chances might go up, but the house always has an advantage. So, only use a strategy if you want to limit your losses and aim for a higher payout.


The main element of Sic Bo is luck since the outcome of the dice roll is random. However, strategic betting can enhance the overall experience.

Absolutely! Sic Bo is easy to learn, and beginners can start with simpler bets before exploring more complex ones.

No, Sic Bo and Craps are distinct dice games. They have different rules, betting options, and origins.

Yes, Sic Bo offers a range of bets, including Small and Big bets, specific triples, and combinations. Each bet has its odds and payouts.

Many online casinos offer Sic Bo as part of their game selection. The game is playable from the comfort of a player’s home.


In conclusion, Sic Bo is a thrilling game that brings joy and excitement. It’s like rolling dice and predicting outcomes, adding more fun to casino gaming. Sic Bo might be your thing if you’re into lively games of chance. And if you’re looking for a place to enjoy this excitement, Winph Online Casino is a great option. Various games, including Sic Bo, offer a chance to have a good time and win prizes. So, if you’re ready for a gaming adventure, consider trying Sic Bo at Winph.

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