The Ultimate Win Drop Guide for Winph Casino Players

Win Drop Game at Winph Casino

Welcome to our detailed review of the exciting game ‘Win Drop Jili.’ In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes this game so much fun and share our thoughts on how to play and enjoy it. Whether you’re new to gaming or a seasoned player, join us on this adventure to discover the thrills and challenges that ‘Win Drop Jili offers.

Win Drop Gameplay Mechanics

Win Drop Gameplay Mechanics
  • In every game, you will find at least five balls. To play, you have to bet five times the amount you want.
  • If you put a ball into a slot, you will win a reward that matches that slot.
  • You can change how risky the rewards are based on what you like. It will change the tips for the main board and the roulette game.

Win Drop Jili Features

Win Drop Jili Features

Multiplier Threshold

  • You can move the line up or down at the beginning of each round. After that, press the START button, and balls will begin dropping.
  • When a ball goes through the line, its color changes. If it goes through once, your rewards are doubled (X2). If it goes through twice, your tips are quadrupled (X4). And if it goes through three times in a row, your prizes are multiplied by six (X6).

Wheel of Fortune

  • Put the ball in the SPIN gate to start the Lucky Roulette. You might win the Lucky Jackpot or Super Jackpot.
  • The ball can also make the roulette wheel spin more through the Multiplier Threshold.
  • The Lucky Jackpot can give you 50 times your bet or even 100 times your bet if you’re lucky. There’s a bonus on top of that.
  • The Super Jackpot can give you 200 times your bet or even 500 times your bet if you’re fortunate. There’s a bonus on top of that too.

Happy Roulette

  • When a player shoots a ball, they get Energy. When their Energy is complete, they can tap the Energy icon to start a happy Roulette game.
  • In the happy Roulette game, players can win prizes or extra balls as rewards. If they win a different ball, they can’t change their bets. They must wait until the round is finished and the balls start falling.
  • How much Energy they get depends on how much they bet when they start Roulette. After the Roulette game ends, their Energy goes back to zero.
  • If the player leaves the game or doesn’t play for 72 hours, their Energy returns to zero.
  • The player’s current bet amount is taken away to play the Happy Roulette. They can only play if they have enough money to cover the bet.


Many online casinos optimize their games for mobile play so that you can enjoy Win Drop Jili on your smartphone or tablet with a compatible casino app or website.

You can win real money while playing Win Drop Jili if you’re playing with real bets at an online casino.

Win Drop Jili is primarily a game of luck, as random ball drops determine the outcome. However, some strategies can be employed in managing your bets and bankroll.

Yes, Win Drop Jili Game is typically fair and safe when played on reputable online casinos that use certified random number generators (RNGs) for fairness and encryption for security.

Win Drop Jili Game stands out due to its unique gameplay, where players predict where objects will fall, creating an engaging and thrilling experience.


In conclusion, the Win Drop Jili Game offers exciting entertainment and opportunities to win prizes. If you want to try your luck and enjoy a fun gaming experience, check out Winph’s casino website, where you can discover various entertaining games and potentially win big rewards. Take advantage of having a great time and winning exciting prizes at Sabong worldwide!

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